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Mark Moffat 16d5bc80f4 Fixed some payment display options 2020-03-14 11:37:21 +10:30
geco 7c7af39f4b
Add Bitcoin payment method (#121)
* fix settins form submit not working

* prepare routes/config structure to support new blockonomics payment method

* setup blockonomics view, get address and calculate btc

* blockonomics subscribe to web socket to listen for real time order updates on checkout page

* create order with pending status while waiting for blockonomics payment and pass orderid to frontend

* check received amount is enough

* blockonomics btc amount check, backend order confirmation, show order info into backend and frontend

* cleanup and empty cart when order is payed

* decline order if insufficient amount

* handle email and lunr indexing for blockonomis

* blockonomics new confirmation page, auto redirect at confirmation zero, 10 minutes timeout

* Update README with Blockonomics

* add countdown timer to blockonomics payment page

* updated README and checkout page

* update README with blockonomics return url

* build

* reply to blockonomics http callback

* dont check amount on frontend

* restore default settings

* switch from unirest to axios, remove unirest dep

* fix lint problems

* restore gitignore

* restore baseSchema

* build

Co-authored-by: GECKO <>
2020-03-14 11:21:26 +10:30
Mark Moffat 5546341c1c Added ability to extend using modules 2020-01-03 18:51:24 +10:30
Mark Moffat 3092726cd5 Locale update 2019-12-28 16:53:07 +10:30
Mark Moffat c92194dd56 Give option to go english only 2019-11-06 19:13:16 +10:30
Andrea Di Mario d3abc37cb0 Initialize multiple language and start translations (#91)
* Initialize multiple language and start translations

* continue with translation

* end translations for en and it

* fix json syntax en translation, otherwise i18n reset the file

* add language info in config

* fix json format invalid

* solve review comments
2019-11-06 19:01:25 +10:30